Splash News TV & ATOM Tickets Giveaway

Hey movie lovers!  Want a chance to win something for FREE?  Then this is your lucky day!

Splash News TV is teaming up with ATOM Tickets and we're giving away 2 codes for free tickets to any movie good through 12/31/17.  That means you can enter today, and if you win, procrastinate all year and the unique codes will still be good!  

It's a race to get the most points and a winner will be selected at random.


1) See the Rafflecopter box? That’s the way we are going to keep this “legal.” First, log in using either your e-mail address or your Facebook Account.

2) After you have logged into Rafflecopter you will find today’s giveaway with the actions that will help you earn points to win! 

3) Click on the prompts and once you finish the entry requirements your entry will be logged.

Our giveaway will run for 48 Hours and winners will be announced in this post within the Rafflecopter box.

All winners will be contacted via e-mail.

And if you don't win, make sure to keep checking back with Splash News TV and ATOM Tickets for more up to date movie news!

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